Bluemoo Table Lamp


BLUEMOO TABLE LAMP offers bold, contemporary styling with a smart avant-garde take. The pigmented and watermarked handmade art paper is designed and created in the studio to emphasize functionality and style. It creates a sense of depth and offers multiple moods. Black, Blue, violet, red, orange and white fibers are combined to create color interest by day and wicked drama at night! I love what emerges from blue to black.




Pigmented and watermarked handmade paper shade with Clear outer shell

AluminumĀ base with frosted acrylic top plate

10″ x 36.25″

Weight: 6 lbs

In line dimmer

LEDs rated 50,000 hour

12V, consumes only 19 watts, a 100-watt equivalence

Environmentally conscious design

10-day money back guarantee. The customer agreesĀ to pays return shipping.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 36.25 in